Liebherr Crane Inspections

Experts for inspection of used cranes

We have experience withe cranes from different brands such as Tadano-Faun, Liebherr, Grove, Locatelli, PPT, Kato, Kobelco, Krupp, Gottwald and other brands. Also tower cranes of Liebherr or Potain can be inspected. However, the majority of the more than 300 used cranes we have inspected, since Mevas is in service have been from Liebherr.

Mobile Cranes, ATT and Crawler cranes

Before buying a used crane, an inspection should be carried out. But often the crane is too far away from you. Or you would need a visa to enter the country where it is located. So why not hire an independent and professional crane inspector? Mevas has used equipment inspectors in many areas and can offer used crane inspection in more than 20 countries. In the past we have inspected many Liebherr LTM, LTF and LT cranes with lifting capacities from 40 to 500 tonnes. We know how to measure the play in the slewing bearing and how to investigate if the boom is cracked.

Inspection also for used Tadano-Faun Cranes

Our inspection service is not limited to Liebherr cranes. Many inspected cranes have been of Tadano-Faun or Terex-Demag. Even older Krupp cranes have been examined frequently. The team inspects also any other kind of heavy lifting equipment.

Liebherr Cranes

Liebherr is a leading manufacturer of mobile and crawler cranes, with a wide range of models designed to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Here are some key features and benefits of Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes:

Innovative design: Liebherr cranes are known for their innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Many models are equipped with features such as telescoping booms, advanced control systems, and optimized counterweight systems to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Versatility: Liebherr cranes are designed to be versatile and adaptable to different job sites and applications. They offer a range of lifting capacities, boom lengths, and configurations, allowing operators to handle a wide variety of loads and reach challenging locations.

Mobility: Liebherr mobile cranes are designed for easy transportation between job sites, with many models featuring telescopic boom sections that can be retracted for transport. Crawler cranes are also highly mobile, with tracks that allow them to move across rough terrain and access difficult locations.

Durability: Liebherr cranes are built to withstand tough working conditions and heavy use. They feature high-strength steel components, robust hydraulics, and powerful engines that deliver reliable performance and longevity.

Overall, Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes are known for their quality, innovation, and versatility, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industries and applications, including construction, mining, oil and gas, and more.

Do you need to have a used crane inspected before purchase? Contact us for a quotation.