Contact to Mevas Crane-Inspectors

Contact us if you need an inspection for a used crane anywhere. Our inspectors are available in more than 25 countries for pre-purchase crane inspections. We are offering global crane inspection service.

How much does a crane inspection cost?

Here you can get in touch with Mevas Crane Inspectors for an inspection quote. Send us info about the crane, its location and your contact details please. We will respond with a quotation in a short time. A Mevas-Crane inspection costs far less than sealing a leaking telescopic-cylinder of a crane.

Phone and E-Mail for a crane inspection request

  • Office Phone for Global Crane Inspections: +49 352 063 9150
  • E-Mail to the team: mevas(¿)
  • Whatsapp +4917621858608 (please note: Whatsapp might set a cokkie)

Your data is safe with us

The provided data will only be used to get in contact with you. We don’t share info about equipment or contacts with someone else. We also don’t talk about cranes we have inspected or seen somewhere.

Mevas is a German company

Since our base is in Germany the German and EU law applies for protection of your data, for the use of cookies. Also our terms of business are in German language. However, we have an English translation of the most important sectors. Inspections are provided in more than 25 countries.

What kind of crane inspections are offered?

Our service is inspection of used cranes for buyers only. We don’t offer statutory or OSHA inspections. Inspections to follow your local safety requirements should be don by a local inspection service such as TÜV, SGS or Dekra. Mevas specializes in inspection of condition, wear and value of used cranes.

Are you looking for used cranes?

Since we are an independent inspection service we are not trading with used cranes. However, you can have a look at to search for second hand cranes.

In which countries can Mevas inspect used cranes?

We can easily go or we are even present with local inspectors in:

  • Belgium, Netherlands, & Luxemburg
  • Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia
  • Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Hungary, Romania
  • France, parts of Spain, Portugal
  • Chile, Colombia, Peru
  • South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana
  • parts of Australia, parts of USA & Canada

We have a great network in the industry. Contact us if you need an inspection in any other country. We provide technical inspection, valuation or appraisal.