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    FAQ, Frequently asked questions

    Who can perform a used crane inspections?

    Inspectors for second-hand cranes should be seasoned technicians who have undergone specialized training in the inspection of these machines. As opposed to a safety inspection, the focus of an inspector conducting a purchase inspection for a used crane is primarily on wear and faulty components. Hence, besides addressing safety-related concerns, the inspector must also possess the ability to determine the remaining lifespan of various components.

    In which countries are inspectors for cranes available?

    Mevas inspectors are available in Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern-Ireland, Greece, Russia, the United States of America, the united Arab Emirates and in some other places.

    How much does a crane inspection cost?

    A crane survey is always more expensive than an excavator survey, for instance. This is due to the fact that the inspection process for a crane is much more intricate and time-consuming, as every component must be thoroughly checked. It is crucial to allow the inspector and crane operator to examine all the vital functions of the crane thoroughly. Furthermore, not all technicians possess the required qualifications to inspect a crane, leading to increased travel expenses as well. Consequently, if someone asserts they can carry out a used crane inspection for less than $900, they cannot be expected to provide a professional and comprehensive service.

    What is required to set-up a crane inspection?

    Make an appointment with the seller of the used crane. Ensure that a crane operator is present for at least two hours on the inspection day. Provide our staff with the seller’s contact information, the crane’s serial number, and type. Our team will then organize the inspection process with this information.

    Where can I find good used cranes?

    You can find used cranes in good quality from a variety of sources including:

    1. Construction equipment dealerships
    2. Online marketplaces such as MachineryTrader, IronPlanet, and
    3. Auction sites like Ritchie Bros. and Trostwijk
    4. Manufacturer websites, such as Terex, Liebherr or Manitowoc
    5. Local classified ads and classified listing websites, such as Craigslist etc.

    It’s important to do proper research and due diligence when purchasing a used crane to ensure that it is in good working condition and meets your needs. You can also consider hiring a third-party inspector to assess the crane prior to purchase.