Crane Inspector Network

Where Mevas inspects used cranes

With our network of local based and travelling inspectors we can perform pre-delivery inspections for used cranes in Europe and overseas. We are also constantly expanding our network. On the map you can see in which areas we are active. It is also possible that a technician travels to the crane on site to inspect it – just contact us and we will see if we can help.

Mevas Inspector Network

Inspections in Europe

We offer pre-delivery inspections for used cranes in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, parts of Spain and Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria.

Crane inspections in United Kingdom and Ireland

Our local inspectors from the United Kingdom cover the whole country and Ireland as well. Since we have a large network of technicians we are able to offer the service for reasonable fee. Usually we can very much compete in price and speed with SGS or TÜV.

Crane inspections outside of Europe

Mevas has expert engineers in Dubai/UAE for crane inspections. The technician can easily go to Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Dubai, Sharjah or any other place in this area. Get in touch if you need a crane inspection somewhere in the Middle-East.

We have even crane inspectors available in Turkey.

Your are looking for a job as crane inspector?

You know about cranes? Are you or have you been a crane operator yourself? And you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty? Perfect! If you can imagine working for us as a crane inspector, please contact us. Maybe we can work together. We look forward to your message or a call.

Crane inspections in Benelux

Who can inspect a crane in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Luxemburg or Switzerland? We are ready to go or we even have local inspectors. Same for Finland, Poland, Romania or Hungary. We can inspect on your behalf used cranes in France, Spain and Portugal.

Crane inspections by SGS

In many countries SGS might be a good solution to inspect used cranes. However, we believe Mevas Crane Inspectors are cheaper, quicker and at least as reliable as SGS. Especially since we concentrate on technical condition instead Loler or statutory inspections.