PSI Crane Inspections

Inspection of new cranes before delivery

In some cases a “Pre-Shipping-Inspection” is required on new or used cranes. This may be necessary for a letter of credit, for a leasing contract or simply because the authorities require it. Mevas can offer these tests and inspections in all plants in Europe. This applies to both cranes and construction machinery. Inspectors travel to the factory at the agreed time and carry out an inspection. This can be done on Mevas’ standardised forms or on the client’s form.

PSI for Cranes Germany and Europe by Mevas. Inspection before delivery of Cranes.
Liebherr LTM 1060 at the factory in Ehingen, Germany

Mobile Cranes, ATT and Crawler cranes

At your request, load tests are carried out and the serial numbers and completeness of the equipment are checked. We test the crane according to your specifications. We check whether the required features are present and functioning on the crane. We check whether the engines are installed in accordance with the exhaust specifications as per your requirements.

TÜV Inspections for new Cranes

It is possible to commission the TÜV organisation to inspect cranes. However, we are sure that our service is better for PSI inspections or acceptance of the function and completeness of cranes. We are at least 30% cheaper than the TÜV inspector. And we probably know more about cranes. Our team is well trained and we communicate with Liebherr’s delivery department on an equal footing.

Licon 2 testing in the Liebherr factory. Testing load cases for PSI. Pre-shipping inspection.

DEKRA Crane Inspections

The Dekra organisation is excellently positioned when it comes to vehicle testing. The technicians can determine whether a car or lorry meets the legal requirements. However, when it comes to testing complex machines such as mobile cranes or crawler cranes, the right technician is often not available. A car inspector is then sent to the factory to inspect a crane and check the so-called load cases. You can’t expect that something good will always come of it. At Mevas, we are experts in heavy construction machinery and cranes. We are flexible and 20-30% cheaper than the DEKRA engineers.

SGS Inspections for crane delivery

SGS is very well positioned when it comes to inspecting the safety equipment on cranes in various countries. However, we realised that the flexibility and response time to inspection requests could be improved. Enquiries are answered late or not at all. The service is comparatively expensive and inflexible. Why don’t you simply try Mevas for PSI and other inspection tasks? We know our way around cranes and other lifting equipment.

Mevas inspector on site in the Libherr Crane factory in Ehingen. PSI for Cranes.
Load case testing in the crane factory

Mevas is your partner for all kind of crane inspections in Europe. We inspect new and used. We inspect technical condition and perform load testing for cranes. We can approve safety measures and features. Since we are a small organisation we are more flexible and cheaper than TÜV, Dekra or SGS.

Do you need to have a crane inspected before purchase or before delivery? Contact us for a quotation.