SGS Crane Inspections

A better service for used crane inspections

Are you looking for an inspector for a used crane? Did you come across or did you hear from SGS or TÜV? If you are looking for statutory or safety inspections for cranes SGS is a good solution. Well trained staff and available in many countries.

Does SGS understand used cranes?

There is a difference between inspection of a used crane for a buyer and a safety or statutory inspection. An inspector who is trained for Loler or OSHA inspections does not necessarily understand what a purchaser of a used crane wants. This is the situation when MEVAS comes on stage.

Demag Crane, Used machine inspected by MEVAS

Crane inspections by our experts

MEVAS inspectors understand, how to prepare a reasonable inspection report for buyers of used cranes. A detailed report focuses on machine details such as leaks, maintenance status, wear in ropes, wear on tires and other details which are influencing the remaining value of a crane. Our technicians know how to take reasonable pictures and videos. They crawl under the crane to search for cracks and leaks. Rust on chassis is estimated as well as condition of tool boxes, swing bearing and telescopic cylinder condition. Our engineers use a specific checklist for each type of crane. We have inspected mobile cranes up to 500 to lifting capacity and large crawler cranes for windmills.